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NAC is a leadership & motivation club focused on empowering our members to pursue community service projects that enhance their professional development and help improve their community. Through events, workshops, and involvement opportunities our members develop an array of transferable skills that prepare them for college and beyond.

Our Mission

NAC strives to empower and develop driven high school leaders who foster meaningful impact in their communities through their school chapters. 


What We Do

NAC motivates & prepares visionary young leaders for college and personal success through hands-on professional development and community service.

What We Do
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Our 2022-2023 theme is LIMITLESS! This year will explore topics such as getting started, goal setting, perseverance, and more! 

Our History

It started as the thought of one person and grew to be the dream of many. At NAC, we believe everyone is a storyteller and we too have a story to tell. Learn about NAC's rich history!

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Meet the extraordinary officers & advisors in our national team who work tirelessly to help run NAC's nationwide initiatives, inspire their peers through their commitment, and play a key role in growing NAC and amplifying its impact. 


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