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The advisory board is a group of leaders in their respective industries who generously volunteer their time to advise the  Board Of Directors on tough decisions and help develop new programs that impact NDA members. This group of extraordinary visionaries and mentors include executives, artists, psychologist, motivational speakers, educators, among others.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is a group of highly committed NDA officers who are elected to serve in 5-year terms. The BoD is in charge of the general strategic management of all of NDA; these skilled teenagers oversee the planning and execution of NDA's triple bottom line objectives, budgeting, tactical decision-making, long-term growth, and nationwide operations. 

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of every NDA state president plus an appointed chairman and a moderator. This group of dedicated NDA officers is in charge of developing social media initiatives, undertaking the development & execution of new programs, coordinating efforts in NDA chapters nationwide, and planning the annual NDA Awards. 


Meet the extraordinary officers & advisors in our national team who work tirelessly to help run NDA's nationwide initiatives, inspire their peers through their commitment, and play a key role in growing NDA and amplifying its impact. 

Advisory Board

Board Of Directors

Board of Directors


AKA: Motivator In Chief

Luis A. Lageyre

Hola! I'm Luis, I'm a sophomore at the University of Florida. I'm a huge Disney fan and I enjoy studying Media Management & Strategy!

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Vice President 


Sarah Oburu

Hey there! I'm a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania.  I'm a proud member of the U Penn color guard!

Coming Soon!

Executive Council

Executive Council
Luis Lageyre.png

Jeffrey Doman

Executive assistant to the Board of Directors.

Hello! My name is Jeffrey and I'm a member of the NDA executive council! I enjoy studying business and helping my community by motivating and preparing my peers to reach for success.

Luis Lageyre.png

Emma Stevens

Chapter Specialist

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm the chapter specialist  for NDA's executive council. I want to study education and become a teacher to help prepare a generation of more capable and conscious leaders. 

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Kyle Knight

Media Specialist 

Hey! My name is Kyle, I'm a student at Cincinnati University and I'm NDA's media specialist. I enjoy studying engineering and hope to inspire others by bringing stories to life as a Disney Imagineer. 

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Coming Soon!

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