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We're Digging it!

Green Team is a sustainability initiative that encourages NAC chapters to partake in a service activity that relates to environmental friendliness, wildlife conservation, or promoting clean energy during Earth day!

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Here's a couple of service activities for your chapter to partake in this year:

  • Host a Beach Cleanup 

  • Plant Trees / Start a school garden

  • Do a fundraiser (certain rules apply; contact the national team for info)

  • Conservation education campaign

  • Host a succulent giveaway


Learn about the importance of sustainability, conversation, and climate change through online resources! Check out the global impact of


  • Sustainability is one of the three core objectives listed in the original national bylaws of the National Association of HS Changemakers.

  • In 2020-2021, NAC prevented over 10,000 sheets of paper from going into landfills throughout the country. 

Our Beneficiaries:


*The orgs listed above are NOT partners

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