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You are the FUTURE

"Project Start!" is a social entrepreneurship incubator program that promotes leadership, community service, and innovation by having NAC members submit their best creative solutions for problems in their communities. 

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How It Works

  • Come up with a problem in your community. 

  • Brainstorm attainable ways of solving that problem.

  • Draft a project proposal (Guide provided by your chapter). 

  • Submit your proposal and get ready to present if you move to Phase 2. 

  • Winners will get a partnership with Teenpowerment INC!


Learn about the importance of social entrepreneurship through these online resources! 


The winning team/individual will get a partnership with Teenpowerment INC and resources to put their idea to the test!


  • Submissions open on Nov 15. 

  • Submissions close on Dec 15.

  • Presentations are on Jan 7,8, 9. 

  •  Finalists by state are announced on Jan 10.

  • Finalists are judged on Jan 20 & the Winner is announced. 

Our Partners:

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