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NDA is focused on creating an atmosphere for officers and guest speakers to properly motivate and empower members to pursue their aspirations. NDA members attend free motivational events planned and ran by chapter officers to help inspire them through empowering positive messages,  motivational speaking, and panel discussions about success with local artist, entrepreneurs, and athletes. NDA pairs personal growth with professional development in order to truly propel members forward in fulfilling their dreams.



Our chapter workshops are an interactive hands-on experience where members dive into their professional interest. Whether it be making vision boards, receiving networking instruction/tips, getting help planning their personal projects, or building their personal brand, NDA workshops provide a safe space for all members to grow. The topics for the workshops follow the last NDA event the chapter held; therefore, helping enhance and reinforce NDA’s message of empowerment.  



At NDA, we believe in the power of connection and we strive to connect our members with other like-minded teens through our chapter socials. Socials can range from an after-school hangout to an elaborate trip! They are an opportunity for our members to bond, develop connections with each other, and sometimes invite other friends as well! These socials may also include officer bonding activities that help build team spirit and create lasting memories.   Each NDA chapter has the freedom to plan socials as they see fit.



Fundraisers are a great opportunity for a chapter to connect with local community members and to rally their support. NDA chapters are encouraged to come up with creative and out-of-the-box ideas for fundraising events that engage their membership. Every chapter is free to create and host their own fundraisers (state rules for fundraising may apply). 

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